Vineeth N

I’m a father of 5 years old son, diagnosed as mild autism, the school referred me to Healing Minds Clinic. In 8 months time,he is able to concentrate better, has good eye contact. His sensory issues are gradually coming down. Now he is going to a regular school with the help of a shadow. Dr Somanath gave me the confidence that my son can do better. They give suggestions on how to engage my child in a right and meaningful manner.

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Dr Somanath CP

Dr Somanath is a leading and eminent psychiatrist based in Kochi. He did his MBBS at Medical College Kottayam and post graduation in psychiatry from NIMHANS Bangalore. He has 20 years of experience in the field of psychiatry and worked as faculty in NIMHANS, SH Hospital Painkulam, Thodupuzha, Child Care Centre Gandhinagar and Lakeshore hospital Kochi. His current research interests are Genetics of Psychiatric disorders, Developmental disorders in children, psychosomatic medicine, Health education & Public awareness programme.

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